Bringing The Atomic Thunderbolt back to Kickstarter

One thing you may have noticed over the years is how The Atomic Thunderbolt kind of just stopped at issue 3. Not only did it “stop” but the third issue ended on a massive cliffhanger. What I can say is that it is very much not a case of an independent book suddenly just coming to an abrupt end and never finishing. We’ve all seen those, I’ve even made those.

Bottom line, it’s been a LONG time between issues #3 and #4. There are a lot of reasons for this. First, after I finished Issue #3, I shifted focus to the Ultimate Edition of Patriot-1 and the production and release of Patriot-1: Conviction. While I was in the midst of completing Patriot-1: Conviction, COVID happened and with that I lost my day-job.

Once COVID settled down and life got somewhat back to normal, I released Patriot-1: Conviction and my plan was to run one final Kickstarter campaign for The Atomic Thunderbolt that would be for the final 3 single issues and trade collection. However, I was hit with a massive personal change that took a bit of time to recover from and left me creatively stifled.

I’ve had Issue #4 done for some time and #5 and #6 are finished save for the colors. After some consideration, I’ve decided to continue with single issue campaigns to keep the story moving and put the entire series on the road to conclusion.

In the next week or two, I will provide a launch date for the long-awaited The Atomic Thunderbolt #4


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