At long last, The Atomic Thunderbolt #4 is now LIVE on Kickstarter!

It’s been a bit of a journey to circle back to this series, but we’re kicking back into gear with an eye on wrapping up the entire series well before this time next year. Right now, you can grab all 4 issues of The Atomic Thunderbolt on Kickstarter. The goal is to fund a print run of the fourth issue and set the stage to continue on right into the fifth issue.

The best part? Issue 4 is already nearly complete. A few adjustments just need to be made during campaign time and then it’s off to the printers and immediately shipping out!

One of my favorite bits about the campaign is the Kickstarter exclusive variant cover. It’s my first-ever action figure variant and I’m super ecstatic about how it turned out:

The cover is exclusive to Kickstarter and any overprint will only be available at the TJ Comics Shop or directly from me next year when I start hitting the con circuit again.

There are plenty of add-ons available as well, including both Patriot-1 books and the “Punching Nazis Since the Golden Age” Poster Print from the campaign for the second issue.

Head over to Kickstarter and check out the campaign!


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