Welcome to the new TJComics.com!

It’s been a while since there’s been a full refresh of the site and I figured now was as good a time as any. There were a few reasons behind this. First and foremost, I haven’t cleared the database in over 10 years. The previous site was slow, the load times were monstrous and the site just wasn’t working the way I wanted. The biggest issue was the shop, no matter how many times I tried to rebuild it, it just wasn’t as functional as I wanted.

I finally decided to just nuke the site and rebuild, pretty much from scratch. What we now have is a faster site, a better shop experience and I will continue adding to and improving the site as a whole.

I’ve been through a lot the past year and a half on a personal level and it left me pretty creatively stifled for a long time, but things are getting back on track and the first project I knew I had to tackle was the rebuilding of this site in order to shift my focus more on TJ Comics.

What’s coming in the near future?

In the next few weeks, the long-awaited and delayed Kickstarter campaign for The Atomic Thunderbolt #4 will launch.

Keith Dallas’ Riptide Sanitarium will be returning to Zoop in November with a fantastic second issue.

We’ll also be doing more across social media including Instagram, YouTube and eventually TikTok.

That’s all for now, welcome to the new site and please check back often!

– KP

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