First look at The Atomic Thunderbolt #1!

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IPPY Award winning writer Kevin Powers teams up with talented newcomer Matt Gaudio and colorist Donna Gregory to revive classic Golden Age cult icon The Atomic Thunderbolt.

1946: The dawn of the Atomic Age. As the world continues to rebuild in the aftermath of World War II, the super-powered heroes of the war have disappeared and many have already been forgotten. However, for the first time since before VE-Day, a mysterious new hero has emerged equipped to combat a rapidly changing and uncertain world. The Office of Strategic Service – transitioning into a new role – takes interest in the hero, believing he is exactly who they need to combat a unique threat to world peace.

TJ Comics’ new five-issue series picks up where the original one-hit wonder left off, unraveling the truth behind not only The Atomic Thunderbolt, but many other super-powered heroes of the Golden Age.

Each issue of The Atomic Thunderbolt – with the exception of the first issue – will seek production funding via Kickstarter. The first issue will initially be available to backers during the first campaign and subsequently will be available regardless of series funding. Each issue will feature both digital and print options and have exclusive incentives and rewards. The first issue will feature a standard cover by series artist Matt Gaudio, a remastered version of the original cover, a variant by Jay Piscopo and to be revealed soon, a variant by the one and only Lord Mesa and more!

Check out an exclusive preview of the standard cover, the remastered original, Jay Piscopo’s variant and the first four pages of the book!

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Standard Cover

The Atomic Thunderbolt #1 standard cover

Original cover variant

Original cover variant

Jay Piscopo Variant

Jay Piscopo Variant

Atomic Thunderbolt page 1

Atomic Thunderbolt page 2

Atomic Thunderbolt page 3

Atomic Thunderbolt page 4

ExtraOrdinary #2 begins!

TJ Comics is proud to kick-off the second chapter of out superhero epic, ExtraOrdinary! Line artist Agung Prabowo and colorist Manuel Dighero bring IPPY Award winning writer Kevin Powers’ script to life in a vibrant, modern-yet-classic new universe.

Thus far, readers have been introduced to The Challenger, the world’s first superhero. We’ve seen how he received his powers and his public debut against a mysterious monster known as Brute. The world isn’t sure how to react to The Challenger, he’s not exactly what they thought the world’s first superhero would be… but is he really the first?

At the end of issue one, The President of The United States meets Director Ritter, the head honcho of a classified intelligence agency known as the Department of Supernatural Activities. Ritter reveals something to the President that serves as a jaw-dropping revelation that opens up a wide-range of questions!

The second issue finds politicians questioning The Challenger’s motives just as the hero finds himself embroiled in some street-level issues with the police. Just as The Challenger is trying to prove he’s out to help everyone, another super-powered being emerges and The Challenger steps in, leading to another confrontation with the police! The emergence of a third super-powered being also reveals that there may be more being discovered all over the world!

ExtraOrdinary is available to read at with updates every Tuesday and Thursday!

You can help directly support the book by ordering print copies of our first two issues, ExtraOrdinary: Catalyst and ExtraOrdinary #1 at the TJ Comics Shop!


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The Argonauts: Book One Available Now!


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The Argonauts — co-created by writer and Harvey Award Nominee Keith Dallas and artist Robert Saunders—features eight principal characters from different time periods (specifically the Norwegian Middle Ages and the outer rim of the galaxy in the 27th century) who are brought together by an unknown force right before an evil alien race threatens to enslave humanity in modern day America.

Writer/Co-Creator: Keith Dallas
Artist/Co-Creator: Robert Saunders
Additional art by: Patrick O’Donnell, TG Sanalang
Colorists: John Hunt, Wilson Ramos Jr., Omi Remalante & Kote Carvajal
Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Full color, 155 pages
ISBN: 9780990672241

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ExtraOrdinary has arrived!


TJ Comics’ new superhero universe has finally arrived every Tuesday and Thursday at!

The premise of ExtraOrdinary is simple. We’re creating a universe of original heroes and revamping Golden Age icons to tell modern-yet-classic superhero tales.

Part of that means injecting this fantastic universe with real-world social and political issues. That’s what really interests us, how would the world really react to superheroes? How would racism, economics, beliefs and the online echo chamber react?

The purpose of this comic isn’t to make a political statement, but to create entertaining stories that appeal to the imagination and do make you think about common everyday issues.

Our official synopsis of the first arc:

When the world’s first superhero – The Challenger – makes his debut, the public responds with adoration and apprehension. The hero’s appearance prompts a handful of people from around the globe to reveal their own powers, prompting the governments of the world to respond with great uncertainty. But is The Challenger really the world’s first superhero? His appearance will unearth one of the world’s darkest secrets.

Steel Creek: Chapter Three Available Now!


The latest chapter in TJ Comics’ epic western, Steel Creek, is now available for download.

Introducing new series artist Pablo De Bonis, Steel Creek: Chapter Two takes a deeper look at the characters and people that make up Steel Creek. How deep does the Colonel’s corruption go? What kind of true power does he hold? Is Hammer trying to disrupt that power and are they in the midst of a deadly game of chess?

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Patriot-1 wins IPPY Award for Outstanding Graphic Novel


TJ Comics is proud to announce that the acclaimed original graphic novel “Patriot-1” has won an Independent Book Publisher Award (IPPY Award). The graphic novel written and created by Kevin Powers with art by Dexter Wee and Donna Gregory won the National Bronze Medal for Outstanding Graphic Novel – Drama/Documentary.

“I’m ecstatic about it,” said Powers. “It’s really just a testament to the hard work of Dexter Wee and Donna Gregory. They brought this vision to life and really believed in the story we were telling.”

The IPPY Awards is an annual book awards contest conducted to honor the year’s best independently published titles. The Independent Publisher Book Award is considered one of the highest honors for books published by independent publishers.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter in August 2014, “Patriot-1” tells the story of a Delta Force operator who is the lone survivor of an attack in Afghanistan. Upon escaping captivity, he finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that results in a team from the CIA’s Special Activities Division seeking his help to unravel the mystery of “Operation Quisling.” As the war in Afghanistan has all but ended, the conspiracy reveals a new threat, one that prompts the Delta Force operator to make a unique statement and reaffirming what he fights for in “super-heroic” fashion.

The limited “Kickstarter Edition” is still available and the “Spec Ops Edition” is available on June 3, 2015 at comic shops everywhere. If you’d like to order the book, tell your retailer: Diamond order code APR151740. The “Spec Ops Edition” will also be available on Amazon and digital platforms.

For more information on “Patriot-1” please visit