What is Tier 1 Comics?

tier1comicslogoYou may have noticed a new logo on the cover image of our webcomic, RESOLVE.

Tier 1 Comics” is an identifier that appears on RESOLVE’s cover and will appear inside PATRIOT-1. It’s not a separate publisher – it is very much part of TJ Comics – but it is a way to identify the universe in which both RESOLVE and PATRIOT-1 reside.

We like to focus on a variety of genres and titles. But we also love crafting stories and universes that take on lives of their own. That’s what Tier 1 Comics is all about. It’s a distinctive universe where the characters and stories of RESOLVE and PATRIOT-1 reside.

Although RESOLVE and PATRIOT-1 are military-centric titles, Tier 1 Comics is not going to be solely devoted to military and Special Forces stores. The idea is simply to separate these stories and characters into an expanding universe of their own.