TJ Comics welcomes Sarah Faire

Sarah Fair cover
Sarah Fair cover

TJ Comics is proud to announce the addition of our first children’s book to our expanding library of creator-owned material. Sarah Faire and the House at the End of the World is an illustrated storybook by Alex Giannini with fantastic artwork from the critically acclaimed Abigail Larson.

Written for imaginations of all ages, the story follows Sarah Faire on a dark Halloween night searching for her lost friend. Her journey brings her to the house at the end of the world, and as she soon finds out there are things that reside there.

The hardcover first printing is available at the TJ Comics Shop and your order will 100% directly support the creators of the book.

In addition to the initial Sarah Faire story, writer Alex Giannini has teamed with TJ Comics to create original comic book tales set in his unique universe!

Check out the new Sarah Fairepage for a preview of the book now!