TJ Comics announces RESOLVE


2014 is set to be a huge year for TJ Comics. Kicking off the year in comics will be a brand-new webcomic, RESOLVE.

Written by Kevin Powers with art by popular DeviantArtists Thomas Chen and Andy Wu, RESOLVE is a thrilling military series set in the same universe as the highly-anticipated PATRIOT-1.

At it’s core, RESOLVE is about the real-life superheroes of U.S. Special Operations. The stories are inspired by real-life events and also play larger part in the overall universe being developed that includes PATRIOT-1.

The first chapter of RESOLVE focuses on a four-man Delta Force unit called “Carbon.” After a Hollywood actress and journalist are kidnapped and held for ransom, Carbon is sent into Somalia on a rescue mission. The first chapter is designed to introduce the tone, tactics and characters of the story and a mystery that leads right into PATRIOT-1.

What’s unique for readers is that you don’t have to read RESOLVE and PATRIOT-1 to understand what’s going on. Though characters may cross0ver and they exist in the same world, they standalone on their own.

RESOLVE will begin posting every week very soon!