TJ Comics Announces New Ground-Breaking Superhero Line ‘ExtraOrdinary’


Fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign for the military and espionage thriller, Patriot-1, TJ Comics and creator Kevin Powers are excited to announce a new generation of superheroes in ExtraOrdinary.

A fresh and unique take on the superhero genre featuring original TJ Comics characters and reviving a number of Golden Age icons, ExtraOrdinary looks to explore the social, technological and political issues of the modern era and apply them to a world where superheroes are starting to emerge.

When the world’s first superhero – The Challenger – makes his debut, the public responds with adoration and apprehension. The hero’s appearance prompts a handful of people from around the globe to reveal their own powers, prompting the governments of the world to respond with great uncertainty. However, the United States’ response also reveals one of the nation’s most classified secrets – that The Challenger may not actually be the first super-powered being.

“What would happen tomorrow if the world’s first superhero made his debut? How would the Internet and news networks react? What if that hero was African-American, Hispanic, undocumented or not even American? Digging deeper; how would our polarized nation and government respond? These are the type of questions I want to explore with ExtraOrdinary,” said Kevin Powers, the writer/creator of the series.

Though the subject matter may seem serious, Powers insists that the book is for everyone that enjoys superheroes.

“I’ve seen a number of people say they only want superhero books from Marvel or DC. But I see great superhero books from Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite and Action Lab all the time, “ Powers explained. “I think what’s missing on a larger scale in today’s market – especially when it comes to superhero books – is a lack of really made them great and created wide-eyed love for these characters. With ExtraOrdinary, I’m looking to tell a story that makes readers think, but really restores a sense of wonder that made superhero comics great. I want less doom and gloom and more superhero-ing.”

ExtraOrdinary is written by Patriot-1 creator Kevin Powers, with line art by Agung Prabowo and colors by Manuel M. Dighero. The first issue, “Catalyst” will appear in serialized web-format on