The Old West lives on in ‘Steel Creek’

covernewThe Civil War has been over for more than a decade. In the east, the Union rebuilds and works toward reconstruction and reconciliation. In the west, corruption, survival and the quest for personal prosperity rules all.

Outlaws, prospectors and remnants of the Confederate Army have made their way to the frontier in hopes of a new beginning.

On the outskirts of the United States’ Arizona territory and bordering sacred Apache lands, Steel Creek was once a thriving town bolstered by a local steel mill. However, the death of the town’s founder allowed former Confederate Colonel William Hanover to take over, trading protection and prosperity for obedience.

One day a group of men and a mysterious drifter – a bounty hunter named Jim Hammer -arrive in the town. Believing him to be a man motivated by profit, Hanover attempts to employ Hammer despite the warnings of his men. Nevertheless, two questions remain… why is Hammer in Steel Creek and why does Hanover feel connected to him?

Steel Creek explores the Old West at the core, a place in time glorified by Hollywood, but in reality as once described by The New York Tribune, “a seething cauldron of vice and depravity.”

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