Hello and welcome to the all-new and improved! You may notice that some of the old links no longer work, some things have been shifted around and the site is all-around more accessible.

About a month ago, we made the decision to wipe the slate clean on the site and start from scratch. We’ve had a few hiccups along the way, but TJ Comics is back with some exciting news and things to come in the second half of 2012.

You’ll soon be seeing a host of new features related to not only TJ Comics, but small press and creator owned comics as a whole.

On to TJ Comics news, the long-awaited and anticipated graphic novel, Monster-Hunting Dummy, is in the final stages of production. We can tell you with certainty that the book is pretty wild and will certainly be worth the wait.

You’ll notice on the site there is the announcement of a new artist for The Argonauts. This is indeed true as series co-creator Robert Saunders had to take a leave of absence. New artist TG Sangalang brings a similar style and spirit to the title and we are excited for what’s to come in Argon City.

Speaking of new artists, stay tuned to for the pending announcement of a new artist of Mack Turner: Slayer of the Dead. Original artist Israel Gonzalez had some major opportunities arise and continuing his duties on Mack Turner would have resulted in even longer delays. You’ll have to come back for the official reveal butMack Turner fans won’t be disappointed in the least!

If you visited us at last year’s New York Comic Con, you saw our all-ages title, Hot Shot. Originally slated to be an ongoing series, a bold idea was conjured up for the title and we are in the process of restructuring it.

We’ve also got a few more surprises in the works, as well as the aforementioned new features that will be housed on the site.

And last but not least, we are looking for graphic novel submissions. If you’ve got that killer idea, check out our guidelines and submit!