The Golden Age One-Hit Wonders Returns!

In 1946, The Regor Company published their only comic book – actually, their only publication as far as we can tell – “The Atomic Thunderbolt #1.” The issue feature the origin of a new atomic-powered superhero and his desire to save mankind from itself.

Unfortunately, like many comics and heroes of the 1940s, The Atomic Thunderbolt only lasted one issue and eventually entered the public domain. Fascinated with the character, creator Kevin Powers teamed up with artists Matt Gaudio, Rowel Roque and Donna Gregory to give The Atomic Thunderbolt the revival he deserves!

The Atomic Thunderbolt #1

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The Atomic Thunderbolt #2

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The Atomic Thunderbolt #3

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Continuing where the original story left off, The Atomic Thunderbolt is recruited by the soon-to-be created Central Intelligence Agency to finish the last of a secret Nazi resistance, led by the mysterious Baron, that still has access to the Third Reich’s super-weapons.

However, as The Atomic Thunderbolt will soon discover, there is a dark secret being kept from him that will change everything he and the world knows. The first three issues have been successfully funded on Kickstarter and are available now! The first issue is presented in prestige format and contains a reprint of the original adventure.

The second issue picks up the all-new story, featuring 28 pages of Nazi-punching glory and a shocking twist that will drop your jaw!

Planned for six issues, the final three chapters will launch on Kickstarter in 2023! The Atomic Thunderbolt #1 features five covers from Matt Gaudio Chris Malgrain, Jay Piscopo, Lord Mesa and a remastered version of the original. The Atomic Thunderbolt #2 features three covers from Rowel Roque, Chris Malgrain and Dexter Wee.