The Atomic Thunderbolt revived!

TJ Comics is proud to announce the long-awaited return of the greatest one-hit wonder in all of comics – The Atomic Thunderbolt!

IPPY Award winning writer Kevin Powers teams up with talented newcomer Matt Gaudio and colorist Donna Gregory to revive this classic Golden Age hero.

The atomic age hero made his first and only appearance in “The Atomic Thunderbolt #1” in 1946. Featured in two stories – one detailing the character’s origin and the other in a slapstick tale with two aloof scientists – The Atomic Thunderbolt disappeared and was never seen again in mainstream comics.

In the 70 years since his initial publication by the Regor Company, The Atomic Thunderbolt has achieved a cult status among Golden Age and Public Domain superhero enthusiasts.

One of the more unique aspects of character is the year he was created. Following the debut of Superman in “Action Comics #1” in June 1938, every publisher under the sun created characters like the Man of Steel in an attempt to capture that same lightning in a bottle – especially during World War II. Some of those characters have endured, while others have faded into obscurity. The Atomic Thunderbolt came after the height of the early-1940s superhero craze. The war was over, the Cold War had yet to begin and many superhero comics had begun to cease publication while the precursors of Marvel and DC continued to evolve.

This summer/fall, TJ Comics will release a brand new “The Atomic Thunderbolt #1” that continues the story of the original and sets the stage for further adventures. The sensational first issue will contain 30 fully colored pages of story bringing the titular hero back to life. In addition to the standard cover by series artist Matt Gaudio, TJ Comics will debut its first series of variant covers for this first issue including a re-mastered version of the original, a variant by the incredible Lord Mesa and more!

Following the release of the first issue, TJ Comics will follow the success of “Patriot-1” and “The Argonauts” and launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce an all-new, original story entitled: “Whatever Happened to The Atomic Thunderbolt?” The story will pick up following the events of the first issue and reveal what really happened to not only The Atomic Thunderbolt, but many other superheroes of the era. Each chapter will be broken into four issues, digitally released, before being collected into one edition that includes the first issue.

Although the story will stand alone, it will also serve as a precursor to TJ Comics’ ExtraOrdinary superhero universe. The campaign will feature an exclusive variant of the first issue as well as a number of other exclusive rewards and incentives.

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