The Atomic Thunderbolt #4 cover debut!

TJ Comics is excited to present the cover debut for the next chapter of our revival of Golden Age one-hit wonder The Atomic Thunderbolt! Following the shocking turn of events in the previous chapter, Miss Liberty takes the cover spotlight socking the evil Baron right on the jaw! Evoking one of the most iconic covers of all-time, artist Rowel Roque and colorist Donna Gregory brilliantly render this tremendous cover! So what’s the plan for The Atomic Thunderbolt #4? Just like the previous issues, we’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks. However, this campaign will be a bit different. Rather than doing a campaign for only issue #4, the campaign will encompass the final three issues of the series as well as offer a collected edition. Timing-wise that will likely take us into early 2021. but after much consideration, this is the best way to deliver the full series without further delay. Issue 4 is currently in the coloring and lettering process, issue 5’s line art has begun and we aren’t stopping until we finish the extra-sized issue 6! That means the campaign will have reward tiers that include individual issues, as well as the collected edition. We’ll likely be looking to launch the campaign in July or early August, so stay tuned!