The Argonauts Introduces New Artist TG Sangalang

Timeless Journey Comics is proud to announce that TG Sangalang will be taking over artistic duties for The Argonauts beginning with issue #5. Original series artist and co-creator Robert Saunders has offered TG his blessings and the series is ready to continue soon.

Outside commitments prevented Saunders from continuing the series in a timely fashion, thus The Argonauts co-creators, Saunders and Keith Dallas, decided it would be best to recruit a new artist. After an exhaustive search, Sangalang was tapped to take over the artistic reigns.

Sangalang’s style is unique but also manages to maintain the spirit of Saunders’ and The Argonauts as a whole.

“No one is sadder than me over the fact that Argonauts co-creator Robert Saunders has to take a leave of absence from the series,” co-creator and series writer Keith Dallas told “Luckily, we’ve found an artist who can faithfully replicate the Argonauts aesthetic that Robert has created while providing a dynamic style all his own. So it’s with much excitement that I introduce TG Sangalang as the new Argonauts artist!”

Saunders’ impact on the title will still be felt as he will also provide a stunning cover for issue #5. Stay tuned for more updates including our exclusive preview of The Argonauts #5. In the meantime, click on the image to see a larger version of TG’s art.