Timeless Journey Comics is now accepting submissions.  Now before you start sending scripts or story ideas, we have very specific guidelines that you MUST follow in order for your project to be even looked at.  We are accepting submissions for GRAPHIC NOVELS but we adhere to very strict submissions guidelines.


We ONLY publish creator-owned material. That means that your project has to be your creation.  It HAS to be original and we only accept submissions for NEW projects.

We do not accept writing samples like plots, scripts, breakdowns, etc. We simply do not accept projects that are not accompanied by artwork.  You might have a great idea and you might be the next Bendis or Johns, but without artwork, you don’t have a comic!

We accept artist samples. Down the road, you may have the skills we are looking for or that a creator may be looking for.  We will keep artist samples on file.  However, we do not want just pin-ups.  We would like to see sequential artwork.  This goes for pencils, inks and colors.

The books we publish are creator-owned, WE DO NOT PAY PAGE RATES. Assembling an art team and putting together your comic is up to you.  Whatever financial deal you work out is between you and your team. If your project is accepted by TJ Comics, we will negotiate a specific deal to meet your needs.


Please e-mail us a type-written cover letter with your name, contact information.  Tell us who you are and what, if anything, you have published.  Keep it short and sweet.

Include a brief, one page synopsis covering the overall story.  We need a synopsis of the ENTIRE story, not just an introduction.  If it is a graphic novel series, tell us where you would like to take the story.  Also, tell us if it will be color or black and white and why we should be interested in your story.  Most importantly, don’t dilly-dally, get right to the point.

As is the case with many publishers, we need to see at least FIVE to TEN finished pages. Pencils, ink and colors and LETTERS.  If you have more than that, GREAT!  But keep in mind, that it can sometimes backfire to submit a fully finished book, only because it is a little wise to leave some editorial “wiggle room.”  We’ll also happily accept the minimum of five finished pages along with pages that are in various stages of production, this will give us an idea of what the art will continue to look like.

It’s cool to send us some character pin-ups and designs, in fact we’d love to see them, BUT we MUST, MUST, have finished sequential pages.  This is how your book is going to look and we need to SEE it.  We are also looking for absolute professional quality.  Do not send submissions that you wouldn’t send to any other publishers.

If you do not have a letterer, or we feel you need a new letterer, please let us know and we can discuss it further.

Send us a mock-up of your cover and logo so we get a design sense and so we can see how you plan on making your book stand-out.  A well-designed logo is also crucial to making your book stand-out and for marketing purposes.  We do reserve the right to ask that you change your logo, or to design the logo in-house.

Creative Team
As we mentioned, it is up to you to make the deal with a production team.  However, we fully expect to see that production team on the project from beginning to end.

Creator Rights
You retain 100% of the rights to your characters and story.  TJ Comics will bring your project under our brand and help to market, promote and sell the book.  TJ Comics titles have been featured on major comic book and entertainment websites such as Ain’t it Cool News, Comics Bulletin and Comic Attack.

If you can follow these guidelines, please send your submission to tjcomicssubmissions@gmail.com