RESOLVE has deployed!

logoRESOLVE, TJ Comics’ brand-new military themed webcomic has officially debuted!

You can begin reading the story now at! The comic will be updated every Monday and Thursday.

Written by Kevin Powers with art by popular DeviantArtists Thomas Chen and Andy Wu, RESOLVE is a thrilling military series set in the same universe as the highly-anticipated PATRIOT-1.

At it’s core, RESOLVE is about the real-life superheroes of U.S. Special Operations. The stories are inspired by real-life events and also play larger part in the overall universe being developed that includes PATRIOT-1.

The first chapter of RESOLVE focuses on a four-man Delta Force unit called “Carbon.” After a Hollywood actress and journalist are kidnapped and held for ransom, Carbon is sent into Somalia on a rescue mission. The first chapter is designed to introduce the tone, tactics and characters of the story and a mystery that leads right into PATRIOT-1.

What’s unique for readers is that you don’t have to read RESOLVE and PATRIOT-1 to understand what’s going on. Though characters may cross0ver and they exist in the same world, they standalone on their own.