The Atomic Thunderbolt #1 (Jay Piscopo Variant, KS Edition)


TJ Comics presents an all-new revival of the greatest Golden Age one-hit in comic book history, The Atomic Thunderbolt!

In the early years of World War II, super-powered and costumed heroes emerged to fight domestic corruption and the Nazi war machine. As the war pressed on, the heroes began to disappear at home and on the frontlines without any explanation. They quickly became urban legends and tall tales, exaggerated stories of comic books come to life.

In 1946, the war has ended and the Cold War has yet to begin. As the world’s new status quo begins to take shape, a new super-powered being called The Atomic Thunderbolt makes his presence known and draws the attention of former OSS agent Jay McPherson. With a hidden threat to the world’s new and fragile stability looming, McPherson goes to extreme lengths to track down and recruit the new hero.