“Tom Clancy meets Captain America” in a story about fighting to uphold the ideal.

Patriot-1 is a story about an American soldier whose mission is to change the way the world perceives America and what it stands for. On that same note, Patriot-1 believes in doing the right thing for humanity above all else. This isn’t an “America F yeah!!!” type story, it’s critical of how the country is perceived and how it uses it’s power throughout the world. It’s referred to as “Tom Clancy’s Captain America” because it blends the action and real-world style of Tom Clancy books and movies with the idealism of Captain America.



Delta Force Operator Ken Baker is the lone survivor of an attack in Afghanistan. Upon escaping captivity, he finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that results in a team of soldiers and spies seeking his help to unravel the mystery of Operation Quisling.

Lies, deception and betrayals leave Baker wondering what he fights for and who he can really trust. As the war in Afghanistan has all but ended, the conspiracy soon reveals a new and bigger threat, one that prompts Baker to make a unique statement as Patriot-1.

Written by: Kevin Powers
Art by: Dexter Wee
Colors by: Donna Gregory
Full color, 226 pages


Beginning nine months after “PATRIOT-1″and the escape of Khalid El-Hazim, Captain Ken Baker (Patriot-1) has dismantled the infrastructure of El-Hazim’s organization, The Tiger’s First, and has cornered El-Hazim in an abandoned fortress for a final confrontation.

One year later, Patriot-1 leads “Task Force Patriot” – part of a secretive and autonomous agency called Dark Zero. Their mission is simple: reinforce America’s shaky alliances and change perceptions by showing the world that America is committed to doing what’s right. Knowing his mission is an uphill battle and may even be pointless, Baker feels the weight of the ideal he’s trying to represent and it often leads to him making impulsive decisions. As tension begins to mount within the ranks of Task Force Patriot, the team is forced to shift focus when a new group – led by a mysterious figure adopting a more extreme version of Patriot-1’s philosophy – emerges.

Written by: Kevin Powers
Art by: Dexter Wee
Colors by: Jovanna Plata
Full color, 172 pages

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