Patriot-1: Conviction coming to Kickstarter!

At long last, the sequel to Patriot-1 is coming to Kickstarter! Patriot-1: Conviction is scheduled to launch May 11.

Patriot-1: Conviction begins nine months after the end of the first book and the escape of antagonist Khalid El-Hazim. Captain Ken Baker (Patriot-1) has dismantled the infrastructure of El-Hazim’s organization, The Tiger’s First, and has cornered El-Hazim in an abandoned fortress for a final confrontation.

One year later, Patriot-1 leads “Task Force Patriot” – part of a secretive and autonomous agency called Dark Zero. Their mission is simple: reinforce America’s shaky alliances and show the world that America is committed to doing what’s right. Knowing his mission is an uphill battle and may even be pointless, Baker feels the weight of the ideal he’s trying to represent and it often leads to him making impulsive decisions. As tension begins to mount within the ranks of Task Force Patriot, a new threat emerges and the team shifts focus to uncover it before it can grow further.

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