Mack Turner: Slayer of the Dead Returns With a New Look!

Following an unfortunate delay, Mack Turner: Slayer of the Dead returns this summer with issue #4! The issue picks up right where issue #3 left off with Mack apparently suffering his demise after General Horn ordered the destruction of a zombie-infested school.

Finally, Mack and company return with new artist Chandra Kelly. Chandra is a very talented artist who brings a new style to the series, while retaining the same spirit as original artist Israel Gonzalez.

Series creator and TJ Comics publisher Kevin Powers found Kelly’s art amongst submissions for The Argonauts.

“Israel and I were in the process of searching for someone to assist him with the series,” Powers said. “Either way, we were faced with more delays and that was something I wanted to avoid. It’s a pitfall of creator-owned books, but when I saw Chandra’s submission, Israel and I agreed he could take over the series.”

Gonzalez remains part of the Mack Turner team and will continue to provide stunning covers and serves as the title’s art director. Time constraints and opportunities he could not pass on resulted in his relinquishment of regular art duties. Gonzalez offered his blessings to Kelly saying, “The style is a great fit and reminds me of Carlo Barberi.”

Kelly will remain on the title until it’s conclusion. For more, visit the official Mack Turner page!