First details on TJ Comics’ “ExtraOrdinary”


On his comics-centric blog, Comic Odyssey, TJ Comics Publisher Kevin Powers has revealed the first details and the first look at a character from his upcoming superhero universe, ExtraOrdinary.

In his post, Kevin describes his love for creator-owned comics and universe building and offers a few more details about his soon to be announced next graphic novel that features a public domain character.

He writes:

ExtraOrdinary is my superhero universe. I’ve got a specific handful of superheroes that are all super-powered for a specific reason. It’s not just going to run amok with hundreds or thousands of heroes. There’s only about 8. One of which is actually a legacy version of the public domain character. Yes, the next graphic novel will stand alone just as much as it will be tied to ExtraOrdinary.

In order to pull this off in a new way, I have to do something different. The beauty of this is the freedom I enjoy. These are my characters, my universe and most importantly, my use of the comic book art form.

ExtraOrdinary isn’t going to be a typical team book, it’s going to be more of a brand. I think I want to tell the stories in a different style. Instead of 22 page issues devoted to a team story or an individual hero, the stories are going to be told however they need to be told. 12 pages here, 6 pages here… However the story needs to be told for the benefit and evolution of these characters. But the main thread is that each of these stories are connected to the overall plot and motivation for this universe.

Moreover, I want to tell superhero stories in the realm of exploring more of a “why are these heroes here.” There’s also the socio-political ramifications of such heroes that I don’t feel are touched on enough in the genre.


Kevin also revealed the Superman-like character of the universes, The Challenger, and explaining that there is a very specific reason for his name.


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