What is Timeless Journey Comics?
Timeless Journey Comics is a small comic book publishing house focusing on creator owned materials. TJ Comics believes that both digital form and traditional print comics can and should co-exist. For more detailed information, please visit our ABOUT section.

Who Founded Timeless Journey Comics?
TJ Comics was founded by Kevin Powers. For more detailed information, please visit our ABOUT section.

What’s in the name?
The name “Timeless Journey” comes from the local comic book store in Stamford, CT, A TIMELESS JOURNEY, where Kevin spends part of his Wednesdays. Kevin, who has frequented the store since he was a child and still works there part-time, felt that it was appropriate to link a place where the love of comics was born, to a place where comics are made. For more information about the comic shop, A Timeless Journey, visit www.atimelessjourney.com.

What genres do you focus on?
Everything! We don’t care if it is superhero, horror, mystery, noir… whatever! Our first two titles, Mack Turner: Slayer of the Dead and The Argonauts could not have been more different!

What is “creator owned?”
Creator owned means that the trademark and copyright of the specific work is completely owned by its original creator. TJ Comics does own its own properties and reserves the right to coordinate the most effective methods of promotion, posting and distribution, but any creative material remains property of the creator. We just want to offer a place to show it off!

Why both digital and print comics?
We believe that there’s more to comics that just reading a story and calling it a day. There’s a lot more to it and we aren’t just talking bagging and boarding. The advantage of digital comics is that you can read the comics on the go if you have an enabled device. Most of the time it is free and you don’t have to ever worry about storing the books in your parent’s basement. But there’s something different about reading print comics– something special. The turn of the page, the bagging, boarding and boxing – if you don’t collect you can help the environment by recycling. You can pass appropriate comics down to younger readers without having to worry about inappropriate spam pop-ups. We love digital comics, but print is the one true form of comics.

Are you accepting submissions?
Please CLICK HERE to read our Submissions Guidelines.

I would like to advertise on the site and/or in print editions of the comics. How do I do this?
Please visit the CONTACT US section and send an email to us. We’ll explain in detail our advertising policies and are open to tailoring a program that works best for you! The best part is that we look to keep things affordable!

Do you do anything else besides comic book publishing?
Yes, we do! Check out Tier1Studios.com.