ExtraOrdinary has arrived!


TJ Comics’ new superhero universe has finally arrived every Tuesday and Thursday at ExtraOrdinary-Comic.com!

The premise of ExtraOrdinary is simple. We’re creating a universe of original heroes and revamping Golden Age icons to tell modern-yet-classic superhero tales.

Part of that means injecting this fantastic universe with real-world social and political issues. That’s what really interests us, how would the world really react to superheroes? How would racism, economics, beliefs and the online echo chamber react?

The purpose of this comic isn’t to make a political statement, but to create entertaining stories that appeal to the imagination and do make you think about common everyday issues.

Our official synopsis of the first arc:

When the world’s first superhero – The Challenger – makes his debut, the public responds with adoration and apprehension. The hero’s appearance prompts a handful of people from around the globe to reveal their own powers, prompting the governments of the world to respond with great uncertainty. But is The Challenger really the world’s first superhero? His appearance will unearth one of the world’s darkest secrets.