‘ExtraOrdinary’: First Golden Age Hero Revealed!


TJ Comics is excited to reveal the first Golden Age character being revived and revamped for the upcoming superhero series, ExtraOrdinary.

First appearing in Thrilling Comics #19 in 1941, The American Crusader is one of the most popular and iconic heroes of the Golden Age. Revived a number of times by visionaries such as Alan Moore and by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross in Dynamite Entertainment’s Project Superpowers, TJ Comics is bringing a unique legacy aspect to this particular revitalization.

While details about ExtraOrdinary have yet to be fully revealed, this version of The American Crusader will be a descendant of the original, featuring the same powers and abilities.

Description from Public Domain Superheroes: Archie Masters was a timid, cautious astronomy professor who taught at Grand University somewhere in the eastern United States. A colleague created a device called an atom smasher, but the initial test went awry when Masters, preoccupied in his thoughts, went into the room where the device was being used. He was bathed in atomic radiation but instead of killing him, the accident endowed him with various superhuman abilities such as strength, flight and invulnerability.

With his confidence boosted, he used these powers to fight crime as the American Crusader. In his civilian identity, he pretended to be a meek pushover he once was, to the endless frustration of his secretary, Jane Peters, who would have loved to be Archie’s girlfriend if he wasn’t (as far as she could tell) so absent-minded and cowardly.

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