ExtraOrdinary #2 begins!

TJ Comics is proud to kick-off the second chapter of out superhero epic, ExtraOrdinary! Line artist Agung Prabowo and colorist Manuel Dighero bring IPPY Award winning writer Kevin Powers’ script to life in a vibrant, modern-yet-classic new universe.

Thus far, readers have been introduced to The Challenger, the world’s first superhero. We’ve seen how he received his powers and his public debut against a mysterious monster known as Brute. The world isn’t sure how to react to The Challenger, he’s not exactly what they thought the world’s first superhero would be… but is he really the first?

At the end of issue one, The President of The United States meets Director Ritter, the head honcho of a classified intelligence agency known as the Department of Supernatural Activities. Ritter reveals something to the President that serves as a jaw-dropping revelation that opens up a wide-range of questions!

The second issue finds politicians questioning The Challenger’s motives just as the hero finds himself embroiled in some street-level issues with the police. Just as The Challenger is trying to prove he’s out to help everyone, another super-powered being emerges and The Challenger steps in, leading to another confrontation with the police! The emergence of a third super-powered being also reveals that there may be more being discovered all over the world!

ExtraOrdinary is available to read at ExtraOrdinary-comic.com with updates every Tuesday and Thursday!

You can help directly support the book by ordering print copies of our first two issues, ExtraOrdinary: Catalyst and ExtraOrdinary #1 at the TJ Comics Shop!