COVID-19 Update

Hey everyone,

Kevin here. It’s an understatement to say we live in unprecedented times. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and adhering to orders to stay home. I now it’s hard – believe me, my wife and I are trying to do our day jobs while home-schooling two first graders and a Kindergartner. No one can really prepare for something like this and the best thing we can do is stay home if you can, only make essential trips and follow social distancing guidelines.

I wanted to post this here to address the TJ Comics side of things, especially with the news affecting the comics direct market. I’m still in production mode. PATRIOT-1: CONVICTION is coming along and still on track for a 2021 release. THE ATOMIC THUNDERBOLT #4-6 are also in production, but there’s going to be a slight delay in regards to when I launch the Kickstarter. The idea is to launch a campaign for the final three issues of the series PLUS the trade collection. However, due to the pandemic, the printer has been ordered to shut down for the time being so I don’t want to launch a campaign with release dates I can’t promise just yet. Sure, I could do all digital, but I’m a big believer in print and it’d be a disservice to readers and backers who have the first three issues.

With all of that in mind, the TJ COMICS SHOP is still open for business. My warehouse is my basement, so when you order physical books directly from the site they come directly from me. I’m also offering free domestic shipping on orders over $20, which includes PATRIOT-1: ULTIMATE EDITION. The book comes signed by me with a bookmark and 1990s G.I. Joe style trading card. The Digital Edition is also in PDF form and is 50% off for the forseeable future.

I’ll be updating on social media a little more regularly and showing off some of the upcoming artwork.

Stay healthy, safe and home!

  • Kevin