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Timeless Journey Comics is happy to announce the launch of a new webcomic series devoted to our pledge to provide the highest quality creator-owned comics available.

TJComics.com Presents features brand new stories featuring characters you are already familiar with through TJ Comics titles and others you will meet for the first time.

Each completed entry in the series will feature a self-contained story, one that either supplements current TJ Comics titles and characters, or features a over-arching plot thread throughout each entry.

The best part? It is entirely FREE to read.

First in the TJComics.com Presents line is The Argonauts: Shard’s Lesson.  The story is by Argonauts creators Keith Dallas and Robert Saunders, with art by Saunders himself.

In the 26th century, Markis Shard leads a revolt against the tyrannical D’Ent Empire. To defeat the D’Ent, Shard travels back in time to the 21st century to change history, inadvertently altering the lives of other individuals from other time periods.
But before Shard makes that fateful journey to the past, he believes he can defeat the D’Ent through other means. The D’Ent, however, are about to teach Shard a lesson.

TJComics.com Presents is available to read right now!