PATRIOT-1 is an action-packed, 176-page full color creator-owned graphic novel that follows a Delta Force operator who is the lone survivor of an attack in Afghanistan. Upon escaping captivity, he finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that results in a team from the CIA’s Special Activities Division seeking his help to unravel the mystery of “Operation Quisling.” As the war in Afghanistan has all but ended, the conspiracy reveals a new threat, one that prompts the Delta Force operator to make a unique statement in “super-heroic” fashion.

Written by: Kevin Powers
Art by: Dexter Wee & Donna Gregory



The Argonauts
Markis Shard is a freedom fighter from the future who travels back in time to prevent an alien invasion of Earth. He inadvertently causes others to travel through time as well: a super soldier and scientist tasked to kill Shard, and a young sorceress and warrior engaged in battle with a Frost Giant in medieval Norway.They are all brought to present day Argon City, a mid-Atlantic American metropolis patrolled by Dart, a police officer who combats crime with the use of a gadget-enhanced suit designed by his inventor wife. Shard hopes to rally Earth against the impending invaders, but only if he can dispel the confusion of the other time-displaced heroes and stop them from fighting each other.

Written by: Keith Dallas
Art by: Robert Saunders
Cover by: Scott Kolins


Steel Creek is a town on the outskirts of the Old West. Bordering Apache territories, the lawlessness and survival-of-the-fittest mentality that made the west legendary exists in full force. Once a thriving town bolstered by a local steel mill, the death of the town’s founder allowed former Confederate Colonel William Hanover to take over, trading protection and prosperity for obedience. One day a group of men and a mysterious drifter – a bounty hunter named Jim Hammer -arrive in the town. Believing him to be a man motivated by profit, Hanover attempts to employ Hammer despite the warnings of his men. Nevertheless, two questions remain… why is Hammer in Steel Creek and why does Hanover feel connected to him?

Written by: Kevin Powers
Art by: Ger Curti, Pablo De Bonis