Comic Odyssey: The return of Patriot-1

If you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the reveal of the new title for the sequel to Patriot-1 on July 4. It’s been a while in the making (much like the original), but I am beyond excited that Patriot-1: Conviction is finally in production.It’s a different type of story. The first book is very much an origin story, less so about Patriot-1, but more about how a small team of principled people come together to make a difference. While that same core element is present, the book takes on a different tone with a more experienced team, and a different global landscape.

I’m going to be a little coy on the details for the moment, but more will be revealed as I start preparing a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the book’s production.

What I can tell you is this: I’ve welcomed a new line artist, Caius Shereiner, who you may be familiar with if you’re a backer of Stealth from Short Fuse Media. Caius is definitely bringing a new look to the book while keeping it grounded in the real world. A small part of the delay was trying to get both mine and Dexter’s schedule to align. Once we got it sort of worked out, it hit another bump, so with his blessing I found a new artist. However, Dexter is still very much involved with the project as he’s providing me with crucial feedback to every page that’s come in.

Although Dexter won’t be returning, colorist Donna Gregory is! If you haven’t read Patriot-1, Donna is also the colorist on The Atomic Thunderbolt. I absolutely adore Donna and I love her work. She has the uncanny ability to adapt her style and color selection to fit any story’s tone.

Patriot-1: Conviction will be 104 pages and is slated for release in 2019. Stay tuned for further updates.

If you haven’t read Patriot-1, both physical and digital editions are available at the TJ Comics Shop.