It's been a hell of a year so far, hasn't it? We've all had plans up-ended and we're all just trying to make the best of a pretty crummy situation. With San Diego Comic Con going virtual, I figured Artist's Alley might as well too!

With that, this is my "Artist's Alley Table" for Comic-Con @ Home 2020!

With that, here's a rundown:

Who am I and what is TJ Comics?

I'm Kevin Powers. I'm a writer and comic creator. TJ Comics is my publishing and creation studio. The "TJ" stands for 'Timeless Journey" which is named after my former local comic shop.

Are you the artist?

I am an artist, just not of the current books I'm writing and publishing.

What is PATRIOT-1?

PATRIOT-1 is my action-packed original graphic novel. I've often described it as "Tom Clancy's Captain America." It's about a disillusioned Delta Force Operator who survives an ambush and finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy. He's recruited by a group of spies and as he begins to unravel the conspiracy, he reaffirms his belief in the idea of America and that it is worth fighting for. It's got plenty of action, intrigue, diverse characters and a few twists and turns along the way. I wouldn't describe it as  jingoistic, the story is critical of America's role in Afghanistan and the current state of the country (well, prior to this year's hellscape). That said, it's also DEFINITELY not a MAGA or right-wing book. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I am vehemently opposed to the current administration. PATRIOT-1 is a "real-world" Captain America book and shares all those lofty ideals that come with the Star-Spangled Avenger.

The line art is by Eisner-nominated artist Dexter Wee and the colors are by the incomparable Donna Gregory. We currently have a sequel in production that should be released in Summer 2021.

If you pick up a physical copy of PATRIOT-1, I'll send you a free bookmark and trading card styled after the 1991 G.I. Joe trading cards.


FULL COLOR, 226 pages


In 1946 following the boom of costumed heroes in the wake of Superman's success, the Regor Company produced one comic entitled "THE ATOMIC THUNDERBOLT." It was the only issue the company ever produced and because it was released prior to 1947, it eventually went into the public domain. I discovered The Atomic Thunderbolt one night while looking at public domain characters for another project and was instantly fascinated. I liked the idea of the character being a post-World War II, pre-Cold War superhero and I thought there were more to explore. As a result, my revival series was born.

The story picks up shortly after the original issue concludes. Debuting as a new superhero, The Atomic Thunderbolt is recruited by the OSS-soon-to-be-CIA to finish off the remnants of the Nazis and their leader. However, The Atomic Thunderbolt learns of some dark secrets and a connection to the Nazi leader that may have serious ramifications for the rest of the world.

There are currently 3 issues available. The first is an oversized main story with art by Matt Gaudio and a reprint of the 1946 original. Issues 2 and 3 continue the story that is established in the first with art by Rowel Roque. Donna Gregory handles coloring duties for the whole series. The story is slated for 6 issues. Issue 4 is in the coloring stage and 5 is in production. I'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign in the near future to fund the final 3 issues as well as a trade paperback collection.

#1 - FULL COLOR, 50 PAGES - $8
#2 - FULL COLOR, 28 PAGES - $5
#3 - FULL COLOR, 28 PAGES - $5

#1-3 BUNDLE - $15


EXTRAORDINARY is essentially my superhero universe. THE ATOMIC THUNDERBOLT is tied to this universe. When I first started EXTRAORDINARY with artist Agung Prabowo and colorist Manuel Dighero, I wanted to tell a story of how the world, politicians and media would react to superheroes today, but I wanted to change that formula a bit by focusing on the how the world would react with the first superhero being a person of color. That brings us The Challenger (the Superman of the universe) as he navigates emerging super-powered threats, a wary public, uneasy police, agenda and ideologically-driven politicians and more. What he doesn't know is that he may indeed not be the world's first superhero and the U.S. government is keeping a history-altering secret. So there's social, cultural and political commentary in top of classic superhero action!

When I was crafting the initial story for The Challenger, I looked at how the media and politicians treated and covered President Obama throughout his campaign and early presidency as a launching point for how people would react to The Challenger. I also looked at political divides (which have intensified ten-fold since President Obama's first-term) and incorporated that into the story as well.

As an added note, I've been asked a few times why I haven't been pushing EXTRAORDINARY more heavily, especially given the current social and racial upheaval in America and the world. The answer to that is two-fold. First, production for the next volume is on hiatus while I focus on finishing up THE ATOMIC THUNDERBOLT. The other reason is that given the subject matter of this book beyond the superhero fare, I feel - as a white guy from New England - there are other creators, especially POC creators, whose voices should be heard over mine.



Oh, and shipping is one me this weekend!