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Patriot-1: Conviction coming to Kickstarter!

At long last, the sequel to Patriot-1 is coming to Kickstarter! Patriot-1: Conviction is scheduled to launch May 11. Patriot-1: Conviction begins nine months after the end of the first book and the escape of antagonist Khalid El-Hazim. Captain Ken Baker (Patriot-1) has dismantled the infrastructure of El-Hazim’s organization, The Tiger’s First, and has cornered El-Hazim in an […]

Comic Odyssey: What’s in a name? Keeping the Patriot in Patriot-1

JUNE 3, 2021 UPDATE: Patriot-1 Conviction is now on Kickstarter! This scene depicted here is the moment Patriot-1 gets his callsign. Responding to a deep betrayal and confronting a corrupt enterprise after finding himself caught in a conspiracy, the title character – a disillusioned soldier – decides to make a statement and fight for what […]

Comic Odyssey: Writing a patriotic character in today’s world

One of my favorite comic book panels of all time comes from Daredevil #233 (also during one of the greatest story-arcs ever, “Born Again”). Captain America is trying to determine who Nuke is from a general who plays coy. The general proceeds to butter Cap up, talking about our favorite Star-Spangled Avenger’s loyalty and commitment. […]